Items Needed:

竹蜻蜓 *3

Quests Have to Finish:

Death quests of Monkey、Death quests of Sam

Simplified Guide

Danger ! Orangutan's tribe !Determination of ShizuneEnemies Form the New World

Danger ! Orangutan's tribe !

鈴音 in your team )

北島 觸發對話
1. Go to North Island and Shizune will talk to character.

鈴音 NOP( name of player ),there's a little smell of blood ahead.Something must have happened.Let's go and check it.

小雞農場 血漬
2. Click on the blood.

玩家 There's exactly blood on the ground.I have a friend live in this forest.I wish nothing bad happened.

鈴音 The smell of blood is from the cave ahead.

小雞農場 進入洞穴
3. Go into the cave.

獸徑 獸徑
4. Go to the red circles.

大猩猩睡覺= =
5. Click on the dead body ,and watch lines for the plot.

玩家 Is this a...dead orangutan?

鈴音 No , I don't think so.It looks not like normal orangutans and filled with odd and strong odor.
There must be something wrong ! Let's move on soon !

玩家 (I wish Monkey is safe now.)

神秘人士? 猩猩聚落
6. Go to the next map ,watch animations for the plot. Shizune will leave your team. → Go to "?".

※ A monkey rushed pass by player suddenly ,and a shadow chased it. They both disappeared into the left of this map.

鈴音 Eeeeeeeek !!!!

玩家 Are you OK ?

鈴音 Yes, ..........

玩家 What's wrong, Shizune?

鈴音 I smelled odors that are like one of my friends just now in the twinkling of an eye.
Uh...h, nothing...that could not be. He's just a little kitten.

玩家 Shizune, the monkey passed by just now is really like my friend who called Monkey.

鈴音 Really ?? It seemed like it's in trouble ! Maybe I should catch up with it now.
(I can also check if the smell is from Esoria or not ? while keep my pace with Monkey)
NOP, the smell of blood is fairly strong ahead. How about keeping our pace with Monkey together first ?

玩家 But, I'm not exactly sure it's Money or not ?
If Monkey is in danger ahead actually...

鈴音 I got it. NOP, take care. I'll find monkey.

玩家 OK. Shizune, take care.

※ Shizune left your team

七彩樂園 (誤
7. Click on Monster Orangutan. → The battle getting started.



獎勵   10%經驗膠囊 *1 星星

玩家 Monkey's not here. I'd better find Shizune soon.

Determination of Shizune

初登場就打人=  =
1. Go to step 3 of Danger ! Orangutan's tribe ! → Talk to Shizune. → The battle getting started.

# Shizune will join this battle as an NPC.If she's dead ,you'll lose the battle. 

玩家 (Shizune's there?)

喵奈 Go back with us, Shizune.The world now is too dangerous for us, Therianthropes.

咪娜 That's true ! A lot of animals forced to take weird drugs for changing into human.
Some of them couldn't stand it died immediately.Some of them warped their whole character.
Village chief is rather anxious about your safety, so go back together,OK ?

鈴音 Sorry ! I can't.There's someone I have to protect.I won't go home with you two.

咪娜 We have no choise, but force you to say "Yes."

玩家 Stop !...Do not use violence.

喵奈 It's not your bussiness ! Shut up or eat my fist !



Talk. → The battle getting started ,again. (more difficult)

喵奈 Unexpected, you're not easy.

鈴音 NOP is just the one I want to protect.

喵奈 Protect ? You even can not hide your ears and tail......

咪娜 Miaonai....Enough ! Stop being rude !

喵奈 Pooh....Fists speak louder than words !

咪娜 喵奈 made-up



鈴音哭哭~QAQ 打完人就想跑= =
2. Watch animations for the plot. → Shizune joins your team.

喵奈 Wow !...You can even beat me, after I made-up.You're not bad.

咪娜 However, Shizune, you still have to go back with us. Village Chief is.....

鈴音 knelt and blubbered in a sudden

咪娜 !!!!!!!!!!

喵奈 What happened ? Sorry ! I should have kept my strength to fight with you.

鈴音 Sam...Sam...he...he's... (weeping)

咪娜 of Sam's death has spread all over our village,therefore village chief wants you to go back urgently.

鈴音 I know my mom worries about me...but, NOP is the person Sam sweared to protect until King Howert defeated.
Sam gave up his own life to save me, do have to make his last wish come true.

玩家 Shizune...

咪娜 Princess Shizune, listen...

喵奈 Mina, Shizune and we have been friends since we were kids. Don't you realize her temper ?

咪娜 Miaonai, but...

喵奈 Whatever she wants. The human seems not weak and Shizune has made up her mind about finishing Sam's last wish.
Why don't we help her ? The man which is called King Howert, right ? I'll beat him with one punch.

鈴音 Miaonai !!!!!

咪娜 Sigh...Alright. I have to tell village chief about this first.

鈴音 Mina !!!!!

咪娜 left

喵奈 What can we do now ? Go and kill the King Howert ?

鈴音 Oops ! Monkey !!!

喵奈 Monkey ?

鈴音 NOP's friend. I was looking for it, before you and Mina showed up. By the way, although it wasn't strong, I smelled Esoria's odor before.

喵奈 Esoria ? The stupid black cat. He had been depressed at the news of Sam's death for several months. Nobody saw him after that.

鈴音 Esoria still can't change into human ? Where can he go ? Could it be something to do with the shadow was chasing after Monkey before ?
Sam treated him as his own sibling, but he's gone now.......

喵奈 I'm good at finding a person. You can count on me ! It seems that there is a massive village called Holy Village nearby. We can meet there later.

鈴音 Miaonai ! Thank you so much !

喵奈 Stupid, what are intimate sisters for ? NOP take care of Shizune,or I'll kill you.

玩家 ( She did beat her up before, but now...)

喵奈 left

獎勵   5%經驗膠囊 *1 經驗值 +2000 小小愛心花束 *1  ( 友好 +2 )

Enemies Form the New World

鈴音 in your team )

01.png 02.png
1. Go to Holy Village ,and watch animations for the plot first.→ Go to South Island ,and use 竹蜻蜓 *3 to get in the Space Craft.

< Out of Holy Village >

喵奈 Shizune ! I found it !
The odor of Esoria might be from the strange machine floating in the sky above the sea which is located in south of this island. This way !

玩家 Let's go.

鈴音 OK.

<South Island>

鈴音 !!!! What's this ?

喵奈 See ? A weird machine. But,Esoria's odor is bare obvious here.

鈴音 (Sniff) It's exactly Esoria's odor, but how can we get into the machine floating in the sky.

玩家 ( If I have 3 Mini Dragonfly, I can solve this problem easily. )

03.png 04.png
2. Go to the red circle. → Watch animations for the plot.

鈴音 NOP, there are two roads. Which way should we go ?

玩家 ...

喵奈 What the hack ! The weird odor is too strong for me to find out the correct way.
Make it easier, I'll go this way, you go to the other.

鈴音 There's no better choise. Be careful, Miaonai.

喵奈 Stupid, worry about yourself. See you later.

喵奈disappeared into the right side

鈴音 Let's move on,too.

玩家 Let's go !

05.png 06.png 07.png
3. Go to the red circle. → Go to "?".→ Watch animations for the plot ,and get a CG picture.


埃索亞 CG 埃索亞

玩家 Stop! What are you doing there ?

小猴子 Chatters~chatters~

鈴音 !!! Esoria ? Aren't you ? Why are you here ? How could you change into human ?

埃索亞 ........

埃索亞 passed by the Monkey suddenly and took something from it before he disappeared from screen.
小猴子 fainted.
鈴音 & 玩家 went forward and checked condition of Monkey.
A fainted Persian Cat slided in screen from the right side to left.
Unknown-person and robots came.

4. Talk to the people with black robot suits. → The battle getting started.

鈴音 Miaonai !!!!!

??? Oh~Is this overconfident kitten called Miaonai ? Tried hard to defeat me ,but finally...hahaha...she's just a joke.
Give me the DNA necklace or your lives ? Choose one.

玩家 We never see the thing you talk about.

??? Don't play dumb with me!

ROBOT A Sir ! We found a invader went out with DNA necklace from the monitor.

玩家 Are you under the leadership of King Howert ?

??? King Howert?I never work for weak bugs! Hahaha~
It seems that the necklace I want is not here. I will not waste my breath talking to good-for-nothing people.
Robot military make them all disappear from this world.
I have something more important to do. Bye~


玩家 Shizune, take care of Monkey and Miaonai. I'll be their rival.

鈴音 Fine.Be careful !



Win the battle. → Watch animations for the plot.


玩家 Breathe~It's a tough fight. How's Monkey and Miaonai, Shizune ?

鈴音 Looks not well. What should we do ?

玩家 ( If I have 2 Recovery Potion, I can solve this problem easily. )

※ used 2 Recovery Potions

鈴音 Monkey regains consciousness ! Miaonai is still fainted, but she seems better now.

小猴子 Chatters~chatters~

玩家 Great ! Let's leave here.

※ Screen was shaking.

Unknown-dialog box Close all the entrances ! Destructive mode ready ! Destructive mode ready ! ( Robot voice )

玩家 (Too bad !)

※ A magical pattern showed up on the groud and Mina appeared from the light of it.

鈴音 Mina !

咪娜 HURRY ! Get close to me ! I'll cast Teleportation magic to send us out.

※ Everyone got close to咪娜


咪娜 ....

鈴音 What's wrong ?

咪娜 Too bad ! My magical power is not enough to send we all out....

鈴音 ...NOP...

小猴子 Chatters~chatters~

玩家 What do you hold in your hand,Monkey ? You want to give it to me ?

5. Talk and make a choise.

If your choise is "white necklace" ,you'll get DNA項鍊(男) .

If your choise is "green necklace" ,you'll get DNA項鍊(女) .

小猴子 gave the necklace to character, and jumped out of the magical pattern.

玩家 Monkey !!!

※ Teleportation started.All people were sent out to South Island except Monkey. After that the Space Craft exploded.

咪娜 NOP, I'm sorry for that....

玩家 We didn't have another choices at that moment. I will never forget about you, Monkey...

鈴音 NOP...

玩家 How's Miaonai now ?

咪娜 She looks really bad.She even becomes little cat now. Princess Shizune, I must take her back for treatment right now.

鈴音 (tears) counting on you, Mina.

咪娜 OK. NOP, take care of Princess Shizune, please.

玩家 I Got it. Take Miaonai back to your village as soon as possible.


6. Monkey is really dead in the story.


獎勵   星星 經驗值 +2000 DNA項鍊(男) OR DNA項鍊(女)


Take revived Monkey( Lv 100 ↑ )+ DNA項鍊(男) to Hanging Garden.







Take revived Monkey( Lv 100 ↑ )+ DNA項鍊(女) to Hanging Garden.


無敵頭鎚.png 丟香蕉.png 香蕉光線


Apologize for my poor English first ,since I'm not a native speaker.

I've tried my best to type this article.

If there's any words incorrect (inappropriate) ,please leave a comment ,I'll try to do all I can to make them correct as soon as possible.




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